It just keeps getting worse.

More from the great horned owl’s nest. These were all taken in late February, before we lost one of the babies to rat poison.

These were the only pictures I got of all 3 of the babies together. They were usually all over the place. The first one was taken early one morning, with the youngest trying to hide behind the moss.

One of my last visits at the end of February, they were flying to the nearby trees and really working those muscles.At the end of the day it was dark and cloudy and about to rain and they were very active but it was hard to get good shots in the bad light.

Here is where the problem is. They eat a lot of rats. Most restaurants, apartment buildlings and stores use those black rat poison boxes and don’t realize the impact it has on the other wildlife. If a rat eats the poison and doesn’t die right away, the owl is going to get it and eat it and die as well. There is a campaign to educate the people in the area about the side effects of using the poison. You don’t need it when you have owls, eagles and hawks living in the area. Plus there other non-poisonous traps to use. We also lost the Mom as well. She was found a few days after the baby. Both had necropsys done and they came back positive for rat poison.

I made a quick stop a few days later and Dad was raising the 2 remaining babies. I found the Dad and the babies were both high up in the next tree. I’ve heard they were doing well and flying all over the park since then. Edit-One of the remaining 2 babies was found dead at the park this week from rat poison and the Dad was found yesterday. So now there is only 1 remaining owl out of a family of 5.

6 thoughts on “It just keeps getting worse.

  1. Oh my, it is so sad to hear these adorable owl were eating poisoned rats. I wish something could be done, to stop the use of the poison. Your owl photos are wonderful. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend.

  2. This is so sad…
    I am following a swan couple close to my home. Every year all the babies are gone. I don’t know what is happening. Some says the pike takes them, others have suggested sea gulls. I don’t know. It is heart braking every year.

  3. That is just depressing. It is also why I use no poisons, but I am just one little yard in many. I doubt it does much good. An animal can just go next door and get poisoned.

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