Neighborhood Eagle watch Part 1

I’ve been keeping an eye on my neighborhood eagles. They are in a high utility tower across from a field so they are pretty far away but I can get a good look at them and their lives. The above were taken in early February. I could still only see one baby. I couldn’t see the other baby laying down in the back. Mom was bringing in a fish for breakfast.

Ten days later I could see both babies. One of the parents had brought in a fish with a bunch of seaweed. At this point the parent was dropping off the food on the nest for the babies to eat on their own.

Five days later the babies were quietly sitting on the nest with one of the parents sitting on top of the tower. I heard the adult yelling and it looks like the other parent was flying in. I think she was yelling at him for being gone so long. “Where is breakfast?” She asks. They yelled for a few minutes and one took off with the other one flying off behind him. The kids are like “We are still hungry!”

3 thoughts on “Neighborhood Eagle watch Part 1

  1. Hello,
    Great photos of the Bald Eagles and Eaglets. The babies are looking big. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, enjoy your weekend.

  2. They are always hungry! heehee! How neat to have a nest you can see and check on. I hope we see a Hawk’s nest on one of our trails. Enjoy your weekend and this fabulous weather!

  3. Such gorgeous flight shots … I am equal parts envious of your talent and super glad that you posted them! And you know I love watching eagles. (I love watching them soar also, but you wouldn’t be able to tell that from my attempts at photographing them !) Sure is neat to have them as neighbors isn’t it!!

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