Triplets for the Class of 2022.

I was keeping an eye on the nearby local owl’s nest in mid-January. I’d stop by when I was out running errands.  It was usually easy to spot one of the parents high up in the tree. Mom was always on the nest.

Near the end of January I could see a fuzzy white head on the nest. This was the youngest of three, still looking like an ugly duckling.

One of the other siblings were sitting up and looked much bigger. At this point we thought there might only be 2 babies.

A week later it was confirmed there were 3 babies. All of the babies were still sitting right in the nest so it was hard to see them clearly through all of the moss. More to come on these cuties growing up.

5 thoughts on “Triplets for the Class of 2022.

  1. Hello,
    Great sighting of the two baby owls. They are adorable, love the photos.
    Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, enjoy your weekend.

  2. How wonderful that you will be able to monitor the babies progress. They are cute. Lovely images of the adult and the three baby owls.

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