Afternoon walks in the snow.

While we were in Utah, I found this great trail behind the condo we had rented. Brett was exhausted from snowboarding so I went out for a walk late in the afternoon. I thought these bright orange trees were pretty cool.

It was a quiet walk with very few other people around. I guess most people that aren’t on the slopes are inside but it’s so different than Florida so I was glad to be outside in the cold for a change.

Of course, everywhere I went I saw magpies.

The area around our condo was covered in snow and icicles. I guess no one will be having a picnic anytime soon.

Two days later, I went for another walk. I was really craving the snow. I found out later that this trail was part of the Historic Union Pacific Rail Trail.

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  1. Hello Dina, :=) Beautiful winter scenes. I can well imagine how much you enjoyed your walk in the snow in such beautiful surroundings, and nice sighting of the Magpie.

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