First visit to Wall Springs Park

After all of these years saying that I’m going to Wall Springs Park, I finally made it there at the end of December. It was a beautiful cold day and I went out for a long walk with just my phone. The focal point of the park is the natural spring. The original owner of the springs was Charles Wall who bought the land in the late 1800s. It had several owners after that until it was bought by Pinellas County in 1988. Back in the 20’s through the 50’s people came here to go swimming. The mineral waters was rumored to have healing powers. Now you can’t swim in it, although it’s so tempting to dip a toe in.

Looking back from the boardwalk, the sun was just coming up over the trees.

It was peaceful and quiet and only a few other people there.

The observation tower (that looks out on the gulf) was huge. At 3 stories high it had stairs as well as a ramp.

The tide was super low this morning. Lots of muck in the lagoon.

Not sure what was going on with these posts. Was it going to be a covered walkway and they just never put the roof on?

The benches were really cool. There were all different designs.

This was a really fun park and there were several different trails to take. I’ll be coming back here again. There wasn’t many birds here but that was expected. It was cold and late December.

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  1. It looks like a great little park. I’m wondering if the area for posts is for hammocks. They have a couple of hammock parks with posts set up like that to keep people from damaging trees and such.

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