An interesting site to see

Since I now live fairly close to Tarpons Springs, I have been going there quite a bit to walk or get lunch. I’m always interested in sites around the area and had heard about a shrine that’s in Tarpon Springs. I found St. Michael’s shrine easily after my walk at a park close by.

The shrine was built over 80 years ago after a greek woman’s son was taken ill and then cured through praying to the Holy Icon of St. Michael (so the story goes which can be read here). It’s an interesting small chapel that was built in the woman’s backyard. It’s since had many visitors who claim they have been cured.

Walking in you can see all of these cool artifacts and artwork in such a small place. It’s a little overwhelming at first with so much stuff in here. You really have to sit down for a while and look at all of the different items.

So many little details and history. There’s no charge to come in and you can light a candle for a dollar.

There’s also an outside room that has more pictures and candles.

On the side of the chapel there’s a quite place to sit and reflect. Maybe admire the stained glass windows or take a break in the shade.

Another small shrine outside, the picture on the left is of the lady who built the shrine. Her daughter, who managed the shrine after her death, is pictured on the right.

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2 thoughts on “An interesting site to see

  1. Fascinating history and lovely photographs, Dina.

    I fished out of that area a lot when I was a teen and fell in love with the Greek heritage so prominent in the development of some of the coastal communities.

  2. We stayed in Tarpon Springs one holiday getaway (over Easter, which was a delightful time to be there). Didn’t know about this chapel and we surely would have gone to see it if we had — it is a bit overwhelming though for sure! I didn’t know you’d moved. You find great “sites to see” (I love that title) as well as gorgeous birds and natural beauty everywhere you go!

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