All of the different colors of birds

In early October I went to see my favorite red heads. You can always find several redheaded woodpeckers flying around the short trail by the nature center at Chinsegut Wildlife center.

I missed the summer nesting season but I did see several young ones that didn’t have their red heads in yet.

You can usually find a red bellied woodpecker around the suet at the nature center.

This year I’m seeing pine warblers all over the place.

A prairie wabler that would not look at me.

I’m thinking this is a palm warbler?

I found some very young bluebirds.

And, there’s always a lot of chickadees here.

3 thoughts on “All of the different colors of birds

  1. wow, what a beautiful variety of birds and photos. The Red-headed woodie is a favorite, but I also love the warblers, bluebirds and the chickadee. Great post. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, have a great weekend.

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