Critters out the back door

This red shoulder hawk was stalking my cockatiels through the window. I heard Harley starting to scream and ran over and looked out the window and saw this. He was sitting in a low branch right up against the house.  I ran outside and walked right up to him. After picking up a big branch and shaking it at him, he finally flew off. He was not intimidated by me at all. I don’t think he realized he couldn’t get my birds that were inside the house. He came back again the next day and I went back out and shook the big branch at him again and I haven’t seen him since.

I think this squirrel mistook the hanging plant for a bird feeder. He’s looking at me like “Lady, where’s the food?”

I saw the deer from the kitchen and grabbed my camera and ran out to the back porch. The deer were across the fairway and glanced at me for a second before continueing to eat. This was late in the afternoon. They stayed out there until right before dark and then headed off into the woods down the street. It’s a little strange for me to see deer grazing right out my back door.

When I was out taking pictures of the deer, I shot the above of the ibis on the tee. There’s always a ton of ibis on the golf course.

5 thoughts on “Critters out the back door

  1. Hello,
    Wow, that was an interesting sighting the Red-shouldered Hawk. It must have been hungry. Cute series on the squirrels, deer and the White Ibis. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend.

  2. What good photos of those sweet deer! They are such a treat to see. The Ibis are around here on the golf course too and we still get excited to spot them. Enjoy your weekend. The weather is so nice!

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