Summer crowing

In early August I decided to make my annual summer early walk around Ybor City in Tampa to look for baby chicks. Chickens and roosters roam wild in the area and you can usually find a few cute babies in the summer. I like to go early before the tourists and lunch crowds descend on the little neighborhood just outside of downtown Tampa.

Centennial Park, across from the Ybor City Museum, is where most of the chickens hang out. Although, you can find them hanging around houses and front porches all around the area.

The roosters were crowing even though it wasn’t that early in the morning. They were busy running around, looking for bugs in the dirt or bathing in the dirt.

I converted one of my pictures of the rooster into a cartoon since they do look like cartoon characters.

The trolley was just starting to do it’s test run for the day. It was nice being out before 9am here, especially in the summer. Just me, a few joggers and the street cleaners (cleaning the areas around the bars and restaurants). And the chickens of course. I did find some baby chicks but I’ll save them for a later post.

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