Typical birds at the fishing pier

I headed out for a walk at Fort Desoto on a Saturday morning in early June. It was a nice morning out but only the usual birds were at the pier. It’s always fun to see the prehistoric looking pelicans.

You can usually see osprey up close on the pier.

The snowy egrets were fighting over the bait fish that the fisherman were pulling up in their nets. When the fishermen shake out the bait fish into their buckets, a few fish usually land on the pier and the egrets squabble over them and occasionally a great blue heron gets in on the fight.

On the way home I saw a few frigatebirds cruising over the pond outside of the park. Of course I pulled over and got a few shots as they cruised by.

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5 thoughts on “Typical birds at the fishing pier

  1. Funny colour on the pelican or is it something else? Saw one gliding just above the surface and then scooping up a fish yesterday -it was magnificent to watch. #WildbirdWednesday

  2. Thanks for the “walk on the pier”!

    I started thinking about a birder I met several years ago who lives in South Dakota. For him, a seven-bird day was special. Imagine how thrilled he would be to see “just the usual birds” at the pier!

    Perspective is everything.

    Wonderful photographs, Dina.

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