A two park morning

A bluebird greated me when I got to Felts Preserve in late April. I was still on my quest to look for migrating birds so I thought I would make the drive down south of St. Pete to see if any were here. There are bluebird nesting boxes around the preserve so I wasn’t surprised to see one but I didn’t see any young ones.

There were several great crested flycatchers hanging out on the blue martin bird houses. I wonder if the flycatchers use them. I didn’t see them going in the houses.

There were a lot of indigo buntings hanging around the feeders. Other than the buntings, this spring migration was turning into a bust.

After I left Felts Preserve, I stopped by Sawgrass Lake Park on the way to see if there were any migrating birds there. None there as well but I did catch some tiny flying critters around the small butterfly garden.

5 thoughts on “A two park morning

  1. Hello,
    Beautiful photos. I love the Bluebird, the Indigo Bunting and the pretty butterflies. I missed most of the migrating birds, our weather did not cooperate. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend!

  2. There were a lot more birds when I hiked today, maybe migrating birds. I love your Indigo Bunting…so beautiful and blue! The butterflies are neat too! Happy weekend!

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