The bird rookery

Catching a little blue heron lift off.

Snowy egrets were showing off.

Baby great egrets were screaming for Mom to feed them.

The sky over the Tampa rookery was busy in early April. It was like standing at the airport during the holidays watching the planes take off.

The cormarants and anhingas are usually high up in the trees but I saw this anhinga sitting on a nest low on the other side of the rookery.

There were many other birds at the rookery besides the usual egrets and herons. A night heron, a female red winged blackbird and a catbird were also sighted. I was excited to see the glossy ibis here in the bottom picture but it looked like the couple was working on a nest on the backside of the rookery so seeing little glossy babies is a slim chance.

5 thoughts on “The bird rookery

  1. Hello,
    Beautiful birds, love the Herons and Egrets. The Glossy ibis is lovely too. Great series!
    Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend!

  2. Rookeries are exciting places to explore as there always seems to be something unusual happening! Hungry babies, nest building, busy adults – thank you for sharing your experience with such beautiful photographs!

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