The annual trip to the Tampa rookery

As soon as I got to the bird rookery in north Tampa in late April I look over and see a muscovy duck family resting in the shade. I snapped a couple of pictures and then realized they see me. They all popped up and came running over to me.  “Not going to happen guys” I said. I’m not feeding them although I’m sure people who live in the nearby neighborhood do. After they realized I wasn’t going to feed them they got in the water and took off for a swim.

The wood storks were flying into the pond right near where I was standing and while getting a sip of water this one found a good stick to take back to the nest. He’s looking at me like “What do you think of my stick?”. I’m thinking “She’s going to kick you off the nest if you come back with that tiny stick.”

Wood storks were constantly flying over to surrounding trees and grabbing sticks to bring back to the nest.

True love is hard to find.

This guy was being lazy. Just watching all of the busy birds go by.

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4 thoughts on “The annual trip to the Tampa rookery

  1. The wood storks are moving out of the reserves into neighborhoods. They find they can beg successfully at McDonalds and Checkers and then their offspring move into neighborhoods and spend their entire day roosting at one back door, then moving to another. It’s ridiculous. They will spend all day staring into a window until the homeowner can’t stand it and will go out and feed them food they should not be eating like crusts of bread. What to do? I don’t know.

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