Birds at Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park

It’s not often you can get this up close with an eagle. This one was missing part of his wing and was spending his time at the Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park. I caught him taking a bath.

Pelicans were hanging out in their big open space. Some were starting to nest.

Other birds were just hanging out and preening when I was there in mid-November.

I caught these two wild night herons fighting over nesting space over the roof of an exhibit.

You can also get close to the spoonbills. And since the flamingos were right behind you, you wouldn’t have to look at them and think they were flamingos.

4 thoughts on “Birds at Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park

  1. That’s one of our favorite places to visit. We were in Homosassa just last week but didn’t go to the park. We drove out to the coast. Love your photos! Was Lu still there? Hugs!

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