Late day walk at Fort Desoto

I’m still going through my pictures from Fort Desoto in late October. So many shorebirds there at that time. Tons of gulls, terns and skimmers. The 2nd shot is of red knots, feeding before their trip south for the winter.

Many of the birds were taking baths before it got dark.

An uncommon herring gull.

Not sure what kind of snack this laughing gull has.

Some of the smaller shorebirds. Yellowlegs, dowitcher, a black bellied plover and a tiny snowy plover that was smaller than this pile of sand.

It’s weird to see turkey vultures on the beach. They were really in the muck at low tide. The one on the right had a small piece of fish under his foot that he was eating.

Great egret flyby.

This kid was throwing his frisbee into the birds. Why is it so fun to watch the birds flush? Someone walked over to him and asked him to stop and explained that the birds needed their rest before they migrate for the winter. He really just didn’t know. He stopped and went back to his family.

Heading home back into Tampa right before dark, I saw the moon coming up and had to stop and take a picture.

5 thoughts on “Late day walk at Fort Desoto

  1. Hello,

    The Terns are one of my favorite birds. I love the cute Plover and the egret flying by. I am glad the boy stopped throwing the frisbee at the birds. I guess he would not know they need to rest. Pretty moon capture! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post! Take care, enjoy your weekend!

  2. I sure look forward to walking on the beach and looking at the neat birds! What beautiful photos and good info too! I didn’t realize that about these migratory birds either. Happy weekend!

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