Pretty things in November

I always love coming around the corner on the sidewalk and seeing the big burst of pink in the air. The huge silk floss tree at the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo blooms in the fall. I was there at the end of the blooms but there were still some left on the tree and the fruit was starting to come out. I could also see a parakeet high up in the tree.

Other plants at the gardens.

The giant milkweed plant was covered in caterpillars in the middle of November. This was before it was starting to get cold so I hope these guys all made it through.

It was a quiet day for birds.

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3 thoughts on “Pretty things in November

  1. The parakeet is very cute and colorful. That flowering tree was beautiful. I enjoyed your other photos as well.

  2. Such a colorful visit to the garden! Birds are always fun to watch and the colorful flowers that are left seem very bright!

    It’s so great to see your link at ‘My Corner of the World’ this week!

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