Lots of little birds

The usual birds were at Chesnut Park in early November. A Carolina wren and a titmouse with a snack.

These look like immature pine warblers with that little bit of white around the eye.

A pine warbler.

I’m not sure what this is above. Might be a red eyed vireo. He was a little harder to catch.

This one was deep in the tree. I think it’s a blue headed vireo.

I’m wondering if these are the baby bluebirds from this spring that are now grown up. They were still acting like young birds. They were in the same spot, by the playground.

The usual tiny alligator at the dock. (There were many there, this one was the most visible).

3 thoughts on “Lots of little birds

  1. What a great variety. Love the cute wren, vireo and all the warblers. Neat shot of the little gator.
    Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, enjoy your weekend!

  2. We’ve been seeing a few baby gators at Blue Run…must be that time of year! And I love looking at the backgrounds for bird pics. Love the yellow leaves in the background! Enjoy your weekend!

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