Visiting another country in my own town

On a random Thursday morning off in November I finally headed out to see the Hindu Temple of Tampa. It’s not far from my house and I had recently heard about it so I decided to go on a weekday morning since it can get crowded on the weekends (especially with the weather being so nice now and you cannot wear shorts there). Just 15 minutes away and it was like another world. You can go inside the temple but you can’t take pictures so these are all of the outside. The inside was small but with an amazing burst of colors. You can see pictures inside the temple here on their website.

Is that a bird’s nest I see on the top? It’s probably an osprey nest but would be great if it’s an eagle’s nest. I will have to come by here again later in January to see if it’s being occupied.

The carvings and details all around the building were breathtaking. I took a ton of pictures and it was hard to narrow it down to post.

Out near the parking lot was a small shrine under a native Indian tree. Behind the tree was a small lake which made it very serene.

The sun was peaking over the other side of the building and people were starting to arrive for a function so it was time to head home. You can tour the inside as long as there are no services going on (no shoes allowed inside as well as no shorts so you have to walk around barefoot or with socks). I’ve heard on the weekends they have a market and you can buy Indian food to eat on the grounds (probably the reason for the crowds). I’ll have to stop by here again soon.

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