Baby birds growing up

I made it to the rookery in north Tampa in early June for my last trip of the nesting season. I wasn’t sure if there would still be any babies at this point or would they all be grown up by now. The first thing I saw at the edge of the pond was this tiny gator trying to hide in the vegetation. Even though he was small I still kept my eye on him while I was there.

This cattle egret looks like he has a boo boo on his face.  Hopefully it’s just superficial and heals. Maybe he got it in a fight with another egret?

The baby anhingas were already fully grown.

There were still a few little blue herons flirting so there may still be some babies later.

A baby night heron emerged from deep in the bushes.

These flowers were growing all over the rookery as well as along the woods next to street. The ants seemed to be enjoying them.

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4 thoughts on “Baby birds growing up

  1. Nice photos, especial the blue herons. I surprised one on a hike around the shoreline of a state park I used to work at. When it took to the air it had a cry that startled me. Reminded me of the sound movies gave to flying pterodactyls. Really got my attention.

  2. Even though he is smiling I’d be keeping an eye on the baby gator too! Glad you managed to spot some bird babies although I’m thinking they are at their teenage slightly scruffy stage now!!

  3. I always get excited to see juvenile or baby critters. Love your birds so much 🙂

    I’m so happy to see your link at ‘My Corner of the World’ this week!! Thanks for linking up with us.

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