Different versions of the same thing

We saw the Boston skyline many times during our week vacation there. The first time was a dark cloudy day. We went out on a half day whale watching trip so I stood in the back of the boat taking pictures of the skyline.

The next day we had booked a 90 minute sightseeing boat tour around the harbor and it was sunny. So again I was on the back of the boat taking pictures of the same skyline with blue sky.

Far out in the harbor, the skyline was a just a blur.

Where the fishing boats come in.

On our third boat trip, the ferry to Salem, it was partly cloudy in the morning.  The funny thing is that I live in a city that is right on the water but I never really think of going out in the bay to get pictures of the skyline. The Tampa skyline is much smaller than Boston’s.

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4 thoughts on “Different versions of the same thing

  1. We usually see out niece who lives near Boston. However, my husband has been in and out of the hospital lately, so we didn’t plan a trip this year or last year either. Oh how I miss seeing this skyline, the harbor, the ships at sea. I did not know there was a ferry to Salem. Next time we go to Boston, I plan on taking that ferry ride. Thanks for the tip. Have a nice weekend.

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