Beautiful flowers in Naples

Lots of pretty flowers at the Naples Botanical Gardens.

Lots of little critters too.

Shots of the gardens during our long weekend in Naples for a staycation in late May.

The one picture I took at the Naples Zoo above. A statue of a turtle in the ocean made out of recycled plastic which was cool.  I didn’t love the zoo. It was a few minutes from our hotel so we stopped in before lunch. I felt like you couldn’t see the animals very well based on how they had the exhibits set up. You had to wait in line to board a small boat to cruise around a small pond to see the primates. You couldn’t just walk around and view them. It was too hot to wait so we left. We are spoiled living so close the Tampa zoo which is soooo much better.

Photographing New Zealand

2 thoughts on “Beautiful flowers in Naples

  1. Fabulous images! I love the butterfly eyes a lot 🙂 Great flowers and critters.

    It’s great to see you at ‘My Corner of the World’ this week!

  2. More Beautiful plants, closer to our Florida home…. I’ve been to the Gardens, not to the Zoo, because I’ve heard reports like yours from others. Still have Tampa’s on my wish list!

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