Little birds at the boardwalk.

I’m thinking this is a pine warbler. Fairly common but confusing. Looks like a lot of other female yellow birds.

A very common but pretty white-eyed vireo.

I think this is an immature pine warbler in the 2 above.

Blue headed vireos are becoming common this time of year.

This little chickadee was being too cute. He came down close to the boardwalk looking to see if I had a handout. All of the above were taken at Chesnut Park on a Saturday morning  in early January. Someone had left seed on the boardwalk before I had gotten there and the birds were very active.

On the way home I stopped by another park to see if the owls were nesting again this year. She was up in the nest still on eggs, taking a nap. This couple gets a little later start than most owls in the area.

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7 thoughts on “Little birds at the boardwalk.

  1. I grew up in Maryland and I remember the sound of the Chickadee. My brothers and sisters would sing back to the birds:
    Chickadee..dee…dee….watta…watta ….watta.
    (That’s what it sounded like to us)

  2. Great series of images, especially of the Great Horned Owl on the nest. They are already nesting here too.

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