Looking for manatees

When my sisters were here over Thanksgiving weekend we went out looking for manatees. The most dependable place to find them is at the Manatee Viewing Center at the Tampa electric plant on the other side of the bay. The manatees congregate here in the winter months due to the electric plant’s discharge canal where the water that cools the electric plant is sent back out into the bay warm and clean. I’ve been there before over the years when you could see hundreds of manatees near the boardwalk but this time there were none. You could see a few far out in the canal but they just looked like bumps floating in the water. We would have been crushed if we hadn’t seen the below the day before.

Another reliable place to see manatees (and much closer to my home) is the Safety Harbor fishing pier. We were out running around one afternoon and stopped by on the way home. We counted at least 6 swimming around the pier so we hung out there for a while watching them come up for air.

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3 thoughts on “Looking for manatees

  1. I have never seen Manatees. If I ever get to visit Florida again, maybe I can visit the places you suggest to see them.
    And I love the photo of my favorite bird, the Great Blue Heron. Well, they are my favorites until the Hummingbirds return in the Spring!

  2. What a fabulous and sunny post! I’ve always loved seeing photos of manatees, they look so hugable!! The other critters are awesome to see, too. Many thanks for linking up to My Corner o the World!

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