Leaving on a jet plane

We were leaving Florida in the early morning to head to Utah to catch some fall colors. This was my first trip to Utah. The plan was a few days in Salt Lake City and a few days in Park City, hiking and visiting parks.

Our first view of the mountains around Salt Lake City. The views from the plane were pretty amazing. All of these pictures were taken with my phone.

We flew over the Great Salt Lake which was in a record drought.

We touched down on time at 10am, jumped in our rental Jeep and hit the ground running. Five days of nature!

Our first stop in Salt Lake City was Antelope Island State Park. This was taken on the causeway out to the island. There’s a lake out there somewhere.  I took a ton of pictures so I hope I don’t lose you with my vacation pictures to come.

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4 thoughts on “Leaving on a jet plane

  1. Great travels to you! The aspens in Little Cottonwood Canyon are usually spectacular. Also, if you can f8nd Spiral Jetty and if the Great Salt Lake has enough water it’s definitely something to experience. Best, Babsje

  2. We lived in Salt Lake City for a year and remember flying in when there was no drought. It is shocking to see your photo….looking forward to seeing the rest of your trip.

  3. You managed some really stunning shots out your airplane window! The reflections and scratches can be a real challenge, but these are great. Looking forward to more pics from your trip!

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