Crazy faces at work and it’s not the employees

Although this is how I feel most days when leaving work.

Besides osprey, we have yellow crowned night herons that nest in the pine trees in the parking lot at work. The nests are really tiny and always look like the slightest breeze could knock them down. We lose a lot of eggs to the fish crows that relentlessly attack the night herons when they are nesting. A few babies make it to adult hood. It’s so funny to see their bright orange eyes staring down at me when I’m walking to my car.

I recently saw a bunny in the parking lot and snapped this through the window before leaving work.

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5 thoughts on “Crazy faces at work and it’s not the employees

  1. Honestly I would be tempted to go back to work if these were in my parking lot. But then I suppose they expect you to do something besides watch birds all day…and that’s about all I’m qualified for after all these years .

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