Horse Pens 40 Park

Horse Pens 40 Park sits at the top of Chandler Mountain in northern Alabama, the 3rd highest elevation in the state in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. I hadn’t been since i was a toddler so I didn’t have any memory of being there. On the way home from  hiking around Noccalula Falls, my sister and I decided to stop in for a quick walk. The park has cabins and trails and is known for holding music festivals during the summer. The park was originally settled in 1880 and the name comes from the deed containing the amount of land the horses were kept on, horse pens 40 for 40 acres.

Looking down the mountain.

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4 thoughts on “Horse Pens 40 Park

  1. The old horse stalls are classic. Looks like they have some horses there to make it realistic. Do they rent them to ride or are they there just to enjoy visually. – Margy

  2. Bravo…I wouldn’t be able to look down from a mountain, even for such a beautiful photo. I love the old buildings.
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