Showing off on Lake Morton

Lots of pretty swans on Lake Morton.

The cormorants were getting all their “ducks” all lined up.

In a flash, I saw the male northern shoveler flying away. He was very skittish.  Then a ring necked duck came in for a landing.

A lady was feeding the ducks some cracked corn (which is what they should be eating instead of bread).

Drying off on the lake.

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9 thoughts on “Showing off on Lake Morton

  1. Thanks for sharing your corner of the world. Hope you have a fantastic week. Yes, that duck looks like he has a Turkey for a papa!

  2. At first I thought it was a gosling beside that first goose, Dina, but a second look turned it into a gull! Beautiful photos, Dina, especially the turtle…so cute getting sun-dried!
    Thanks for sharing.
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