This little piggy went to Circle B Bar Reserve

I know they are just pigs. When we see the adults at the reserve we think yuk. They tear up the landscape digging for bugs and leave big holes on the trail. But those little piglets are so cute. I think there was 7 when they were first sighted. When I got to see them a week later there was only 4 left. We rarely see the feral hogs near the trails during the day. They usually hide but this Mom was not shy about parading her babies down the trail.Everyone was enamored by how playful and curious they were.

Mom wasn’t quite as close as my zoom lens makes it look like here but she was still aware of what everyone was doing.

Off they went down the trail sticking close together and following Mom. I caught a tree swallow flying by in that last picture.

2 thoughts on “This little piggy went to Circle B Bar Reserve

  1. They are a (very cute) problem at Six Mile Cypress Slough here too. One time when I was taking some (not nearly as good as yours) pictures, a ranger stopped by and told the group of admirers not to get too attached because as soon as possible the mom and litter would be “relocated” due to the damage they do. We did not ask for a definition of relocated, but I can’t think where they’d be welcome.

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