Two parks in one morning.

A starling peeking out of what was probably a former woodpecker nest.

Thanks to Ken at Rosyfinch Ramblings for the ID on the above Orange crowned warbler. A first for me.

Little birds at Hammock Park.

A small wood stork party at Possum Branch Preserve.

Typical great egret shot but I noticed after I cropped it up that he’s missing part of his upper beak.

I started out at Hammock Park, a small park in Dunedin that I had not been before. After walking around for an hour and seeing very little, I left there and stopped at Possum Branch Preserve for a walk before heading home.

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10 thoughts on “Two parks in one morning.

  1. Nice to have a nice variety of wildlife so near to home! The Organe-crowned Warbler has been scarce down here in our local SE Florida wetlands.Indeed, yesterday I had a “zero warbler” morning walk. .

  2. Oh, sad about the missing upper beak. I have heard of veterinarians performing amazing surgery to repair such beaks, but first you have to catch the egret!
    Beautiful photos as always, Dina.
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