Checking on the nests at Honeymoon Island

True to its name, the Osprey Trail on Honeymoon Island is known for having a lot of Osprey along the trail. There are many nests along the trail and when I was there in late January, the osprey were working on refreshing the old ones.

Both eagles were sitting in a tree near the nest which was a bad sign. They were sitting on eggs earlier so something must have happened to cause them to abandon the nest. They might try again. It was still early.

Towhees, catbirds and yellow rumped warblers were all along the trail.

Lots of vultures here.

New growth in some of the prescribed burn areas.

This guy walked right in front of me on the trail.

I hadn’t been to Honeymoon Island since last spring. I wanted to see if the osprey were nesting yet. Honeymoon Island is a barrier island north of Clearwater Beach. In the 1940’s the island was a place known for people to spend their honeymoon in the cottages on the island. Once World War 2 started people stopped coming to the island and later the cottages were torn down.

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5 thoughts on “Checking on the nests at Honeymoon Island

  1. What wonderful photographs, Dina! Spring is definitely here.
    Over 50 years ago, I spend a LOT of time fishing around Honeymoon Island. Great place then. Great place now.

  2. I had never heard of Honeymoon Island. What a great place to see birds! Loved all your photos! The osprey are fantastic! Interesting armadillo, and I loved the catbird and eagles too. I just saw my first towhee of the season today but couldn’t get a photo.

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