White pelican ballet

It’s rare to see a lone white pelican. This guy was actually in the group below.

It’s beautiful to watch the white pelicans gracefully float around the water and feed. They don’t dive in head first to catch the fish like brown pelicans. They work in a group to herd the fish into shallower water. Bobbing up and down they look like they are synchronized fishing. I found them in a small lake in central Florida. They only stay here in the winter.

One swam under a water fountain in the middle of the lake.

Several flew over my head.

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5 thoughts on “White pelican ballet

  1. I am fascinated by pelicans. I love watching them. They look more clumsy as they walk around on land, but are graceful swimming and in flight. Wonderful series.

  2. Wonderful, beautiful White Pelicans! Love your photos!
    I remember how excited I was to see White Pelicans just north of us on Pickwick Lake (Tennessee) last Summer. I hope they will visit again this year.
    Have a great day!

  3. Wonderful series. We saw that herding behavior once on the lake where we used to stay in Oregon — it was so amazing (for one thing, it was the first time I ever realized that there were white pelicans in Oregon … after all the years we’d lived there I had only seen them when we traveled in the South, up until that summer.) And then we saw how the herded the fish. It was an unforgettable experience.

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