Mueller State Park

We stopped at the Visitor’s Center before hitting a trail.  View from the parking lot at the center above.

The Visitor’s Center above looked like what you would expect from a Colorado park.

A few of the critters at the top of a trail.  I see yellow-bellied sapsuckers in Florida in the winter but this was the first one I had seen in his summer breeding colors. NOW I know why they call it a “yellow-bellied” sapsucker.

Heading down the trail, we only walked for about an hour. It was late in the afternoon and we didn’t want to drive back to Colorado Springs in the dark.  There’s over 55 miles of trails here. All have stations to sign in and out when you are hiking the specific trail.  It is bear country. The visitor center had a sign that one of the trails was closed for the day due to a bear on the trail that morning.

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4 thoughts on “Mueller State Park

  1. I’m still trying to catch up after being away from the computer for a while — I’ll scroll back and see more about your Colorado trip. Gorgeous pics as usual from you — and What a great contrast from home for you … we have a son and DIL in Boulder County so we stop there as often as we can — such a beautiful State — and as I say a great contrast from either of the places we usually hang out (FL and Oregon)

  2. Growing up and raising my family in Colorful Colorado, I recognized the state flag right away at Our World Thumbnail links!! This is just like going home for me!! Thanks for sharing those beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains.

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