The road to Cripple Creek

Woke up to another dismal morning at the hotel in Cheyenne Mountain.  What to do when it rains?  The lady at the front desk when we checked in said there was a pretty scenic drive that we could drive to get on a train for a short ride. At least we would be in the car.

Off we went to Cripple Creek, about an hour from Colorado Springs.  About 20 minutes later we saw blue skies.

There was so many cool things to see on the road to Cripple Creek. We started to see the yellow aspen trees. I kept making Brett stop so I could take pictures. It took us over 2 hours to get to Cripple Creek with all of the stops.  So glad I paid attention to the lady at the front desk.

9 thoughts on “The road to Cripple Creek

  1. Isn’t there a song about the road to Cripple Creek? Something like a tune seems to be poking at the back of my mind.
    In the meantime, I enjoyed your photos immensely. The colours are wonderful.
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