Visiting my favorite pier groupies.

A few of the regulars at the pier; the famous great blue heron/great egret hybrid, a ruddy turnstone, a reddish egret, lots of snowy egrets always looking for a handout and great blue heron and reddish egret fighting over space on the railing.

Skimmers were skimming the bait fish.


This reddish egret was bored with me.

Shots of a beautiful morning at the pier. These were taken in early September, before Irma.

SkyWatch Friday

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3 Responses to Visiting my favorite pier groupies.

  1. yogiabb says:

    You have a diverse group of groupies at your pier. Love the crystal clear photographs.

  2. Peter B says:

    Wow, some amazing photos here! The red egret should be on the cover of National Geographic!!

  3. LaVoice says:

    Amazing job on capturing the birds. Almost feels like you could reach in and touch.

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