Growing up at work

For several years we’ve had osprey babies growing up in the parking lot at work.  The nest is on a light post that no one parks under anymore.  No one wants to clean up big baby bird poo off their car. The parents continued to bring in new sticks, straw and moss while they were growing up.  It was fun watching them grow up. They would be screaming for food in the morning when I drove in and screaming for food after work when I was leaving. They were usually sleeping if I made it out to lunch.  The best was watching them start to fly close around the nest. More pictures to come.

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5 thoughts on “Growing up at work

  1. I like your photos, and story. It’s so nice that people just park somewhere else instead of complaining about the Ospreys. I’m always happy when there is a successful sharing of habitat with humans and wildlife. We are the ones that benefit (even if we have to wash off our cars).

  2. What beautiful birds. That’s really cool that there’s something beautiful even in the parking lot. I hope they don’t get moved. It would be nice if you could see them from your work window too!

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