More eye candy in Miami

More pictures from my trip to Wynwood Walls district in Miami.

A few funky sculptures in the district.

Riding in the backseat, I snapped this with my phone as we were getting on the highway heading out of Miami and back to Hollywood beach. A little cloudy but at least it wasn’t hot yet in mid-February.

2 thoughts on “More eye candy in Miami

  1. I first saw Miami from the air, a few times; my parents were living in KingstonJAM in the ’60s (USAID) and I would fly down fr D.C., layover in MIA. I remember the MIA backyard pools from the air. Jealous. Finally saw MIA up close & personal in mid-70s when I moved to FL… barely a hi-rise in sight in MIA… sleepy in summertime. The elderly ladies would tell us of THEIR childhoods in ‘rustic’ Miami, and lining up inside at the screen door to make a mad dash together to the beach and hit the water before swarms of mosquitoes caught up with them. Bird food! Without the mosquitoes, no bird food!! :o( Do you go to Corkscrew? :o)

  2. Hi Dina, what a fantastic disply of art, I’ve never been to that area, and it may have been done since my last visit, but lovely to see thank you.
    Take care, Gordon.

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