I’m in Oz?

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It felt like it in late November at Circle B Bar Reserve. The entire preserve was covered in yellow. Bur marigolds bloom for a short time in late November in central Florida.





Instead of the scarecrow and the cowardly lion, we had very aggressive alligators. One really big one was napping right up against the trail.




Lots of other pretty plants there as well. When the wind blows, the plant in the last picture has small white flecks flying off.  You would almost think it was snowing, if you weren’t sweating in the 82 degree weather.

4 thoughts on “I’m in Oz?

  1. Big todo on FB yesterday about a huge dinosaur at Circle B on Rabbit Run…people said it looked like a dinosaur. I thought of you (after I thought ‘I wish I were there”…not just because of the dinosaur ))

    • Yes, our beloved Humpback has been discovered. I would have also posted that after seeing something like that. I rarely see them move there. So many people are going there but it’s a slim chance they will see him moving. That’s a once in a lifetime thing to see. It’s still a magical place and I will continue to go but I might skip a few weeks to let the crowds die down.

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