Driving around a lake in central Florida


The Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive is an 11 mile drive along a lake north of Orlando.  The weekend Brett and I stayed in Orlando, we got up early and drove through the area before heading back to Tampa. The 11 miles zig zags back and forth with channels running on either side.




The first things we say were birds of prey.  A northern harrier, a young red shoulder hawk and a kestrel right when we drove in.


A great egret fighting with a snake.




Fulvous whistling ducks were far out in the lake.




Alligators of all sizes were along the drive including that big one in the last picture. His head was huge. I wish his entire body was out of the water. He has got to be the biggest one I’ve seen out in the wild.



Pretty plants along the way.

SkyWatch Friday

2 thoughts on “Driving around a lake in central Florida

  1. I enjoyed seeing these photos. Florida has amazing wildlife and natural beauty, though few visitors tend to appreciate it. We lived in Florida for over 20 years and we loved hiking and viewing the wildlife.

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