Usual and unusual at the fishing pier.

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Two baby osprey were peaking out over the nest in the parking lot and the nest on top of the smoke stack next to the bait store.


Dad was close by with lunch. I think he was going to eat some first before he took it over to the nest.




You can almost always find a reddish egret fishing somewhere on the beach.


It rare to see a common loon here in the spring. Especially in his summer breeding colors. When they hang out here during the winter, they are a drab gray color. This one stayed pretty far away from the fishing pier.


Big gulp.  There are signs at the fish cleaning station to “Not feed or throw fish parts to the birds” They all do it anyway. In theory it seems okay but the cormorants hang around the pier and get too close and end up getting caught with fishing hooks.




The dolphins playing around the pier.

My Saturday morning walk at Fort Desoto in late May.

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7 thoughts on “Usual and unusual at the fishing pier.

  1. Yes, the dolphins are beautiful, but I am intrigued by the loon. I’ve seen many of them in British Columbia, Canada, especially on the smaller interior lakes. I love their haunting cry.
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  2. Lovely pictures, as usual! Especially the loon. I’ve seen them here but never in breeding colors.

    I think the issue with feeding birds at the fish cleaning stations is that it induces them to eat fish that are too big for them to digest, and that can kill them. They can only digest bones up to a certain size. Normally what they can swallow limits that. So a filleted fish is well-intentioned but might be fatal. And as you said, there’s also the fishing lines and hooks.

  3. I loved the baby ospreys. They are so cute. And wonderful shots of the dolphins. That “gulp” fish looks way too large for that fish. Hope it was able to eat it without repercussions. Great captures. genie

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