The clown woodpecker family

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The babies were poking their heads out looking for Mom to bring food. There were 3 babies in the nest but only 2 could poke their heads out a time since they have gotten so big.  The babies started getting excited and the Mom flew in to feed them.  A few minutes later Mom took off.




 Another 15 minutes went by and we heard both parents yelling as they landed on a tree near the nest. I wonder if they were arguing who has to feed them next. The male is on the left with the red stripe on his cheek.




After a few minutes, Dad landed and fed the babies for a few minutes.

The very famous pileated woodpecker family at Circle B Bar Reserve had a small crowd early on a Sunday morning. Everyone was very quiet waiting for the parents to come and feed the babies. I think everyone was half asleep. The parents were very busy coming back and forth feeding 3 mouths. They stopped coming mid-morning. I heard they take a break until late afternoon. A few days after I was there, I heard the babies were already flying. All of the above were extremely cropped.

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  1. Heavily cropped yes, but so clear and sharp! I don’t think I’ve ever seen woodpeckers that close! Your photos are an inspiration, and of course I love the story and the observation that go with them.

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