Hoo’s there?

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The barred owls have been hanging out in the same tree for weeks now. This is my 2nd trip out to Circle B Bar Reserve in February and they were still there. One has been hiding in the moss high up in the tree. While I was taking a picture, I saw movement behind the owl and realized another owl landed on the next branch. The tree is right at a very busy intersection at the park near the parking lot. Little did I (or most anyone else) know at this time that they had a nest tucked in there somewhere. Weeks later, tiny baby owls showed up. More on those later.


When I first got to the park, I stopped by the baby great horned owls but they were still pretty sleepy. It was cold that morning so they were all fluffed up and down low in the tree. I headed out to the trails instead of standing around with the crowd to wait for them to wake up.





Later, before heading home for lunch, I stopped by the baby owls again. Β This time they were awake and very curious. At times they would check out what was going on below and other times they seemed bored and yawned. I snapped a handful of pictures and then took off. Time for lunch.

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