Nature sorts itself out.

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At first I was excited to see the great horned owl sitting on the nest. I was thinking soon we’ll have baby owls. Then I saw her stand up, pick up an egg and drop it as she was flying off. My heart just dropped. I’ve been told they know when something’s not right and will keep the nest clean if needed.  Hopefully, that wasn’t the only egg on the nest. Last year this nest had two babies grow up. She flew off across the trail to another tree.






The osprey that are nesting near there were bothering her and flying close to her so she kept moving from tree to tree but she stayed close to the nest.


She eventually flew a bit farther away and then took off past the woods and I couldn’t see where she was going. A few minutes later I turned around to look at the nest and saw the below.


I didn’t see her fly back so I don’t know whether she snuck back to the nest or if the other parent had been there all along and I just didn’t realize she was also on the nest. Stay posted for baby updates.

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12 thoughts on “Nature sorts itself out.

  1. What a great set of images. Owls are just some of the most interesting birds and virtually impossible to sneak up on. Nice work. Happy Wordless Wednesday.

  2. What an impressive bird! I can’t stop looking at the photos (love owls). What the owl did is very interesting. Hope there are more eggs in the nest.

  3. We are hooked now. We have to know if there are more eggs. Will the Ospreys behave? I am tuned in!

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