Funny “Bird” faces at the zoo.


Inca tern in the aviary.


Blue bellied roller in the aviary.





Crazy lorikeets in the lorikeet feeding aviary.


A hooded merganser hanging around the manatee exhibit. I’m not sure if he is part of the zoo. I didn’t see a band on him.



The marabou stork couple flirting on the nest.


I was looking around up in the trees to see if any of the wild birds are nesting yet and saw this barred owl high up in the pine trees.

More pictures from my recent trip to the Lowry Park zoo.

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7 thoughts on “Funny “Bird” faces at the zoo.

  1. Wow, what incredible close ups of these delightful birds. Loved all of them. I have never seen an Inca Tern before, an extraordinary bird, looks like he has a mustache and a yellow dickie bow. Great photos!

  2. I love these — really want to go to that zoo. Bill isn’t crazy about zoos (neither am I any more, the usual kind) but this one looks so different and so worth it. I’ll keep trying (don’t want to go badly enough to drive myself up there, which maybe tells me something). Anyway I love your birds and it is so interesting how the wild ones find it a safe place to be as well!

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