Flying pelicans before sunset.











After our big Christmas lunch and watching a movie on the couch, we decided to go to Fort Desoto for a Christmas sunset. The fishing pier was packed with people fishing and the dog beach was packed with doggies. It was a beautiful late afternoon and everyone was out. There weren’t a lot of birds around but the pelicans were actively diving for fish so I started practicing my pelican fly-bys. The sun was in the right spot and the pelicans were cruising near the pier. I took a ton of pictures trying to get the pelicans right as they dove into the water for fish. More on those later.

SkyWatch Friday

6 thoughts on “Flying pelicans before sunset.

  1. Wonderful flight shots! You are so good. The sky is lovely too, especially the golden one just before dark.. (I could maybe take that picture maybe if I were there.) But not with the pelican probably unless I had a huge stroke of luck.

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