A common bird in the Tampa Bay area


The osprey (or fish hawk) is a fairly common bird here At least for me. I see them in my neighborhood, on the bridges to and from work, in the parking lot at work and most of the parks that are near water. I was walking the trail at the east beach at Fort Desoto looking to see if the owls were back and all I could find were osprey. There are several nests along this trail that sits right on the beach so you can always find several here.


I watched the osprey fly off the branch and circle over my head.


As she was heading toward the water, I thought she was going to grab a fish. Instead she just landed on the edge and stayed there for a few minutes.


Then she took off and fly far down the beach. Oh well.


Now it’s just me and another common bird, the boring ole great blue heron out on the beach.


And a big boat cruising by.

No luck on the owls yet but it’s very early.

Skywatch Friday

8 thoughts on “A common bird in the Tampa Bay area

  1. Oh my– I can see I don’t know my birds–have seen this large bird alot since moving to Fl here on the east coast and kinda thought it was an owl–stupid me!! thanks for the bird lesson–
    smiles, di

  2. I am back and really am a bit crazy–I really did get my birds all messed up–I was meaning an eagle–Have a large bird flying around here and am trying to decide if it is an eagle or osprey???
    I will have to look at my photos up close again to see–sorry for the other post–bet you had a good laugh–
    smiles, di

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