Going fishin!


Sandwich terns completely ignoring me.


“Hey guys look over here.”


Junior on the left is yelling at Mom to go get some fish.


Here is where you can find some bait fish. A net that hasn’t been completely emptied yet.


The laughing gulls were getting some fresh bait fish.


The water around the fishing pier was full of tiny fish.


Even the snowy egrets were getting snacks.


A sandwich tern coming up empty.


A pelican flies in to the jetty next to the pier.


“Lady, you’re  not going to catch any big fish right there. And keep that fishing line away from the birds.”

Busy Saturday morning in early October at the fishing pier.

Our World Tuesday Graphicimage-in-ing

6 thoughts on “Going fishin!

  1. Birds are so graceful. Your photos are lovely and the captions creative. Agree completely about your comment to the lady – what is she doing there with a fishing poll? BTW – are they really called laughing gulls?

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