I know where the spoonbills sleep

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I pass by this little pond coming home from work every day. It sits in front of an office building. Recently I was seeing spoonbills napping along the bank of the pond. A few weeks ago I was coming home from a park right before lunch and saw that they were still there. I pulled into the empty parking lot and got out and snapped a few pictures. I stayed in the parking lot and watched them napping for a few minutes. A few of them would look over at me but most of them kept napping. I sat down on the ground for a while and watched them sleeping. It was very quiet and peaceful. There a lot of young ones mixed in. They are still very pale pink. There were a few ibis hanging around as well. Then I started getting hungry so I headed out for lunch.


One lone wood stork was also with the spoonbills.

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4 thoughts on “I know where the spoonbills sleep

  1. I love the Spoonbills, they are cool birds. The Wood Stork is awesome too. Great photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  2. What a cool thing, being able to see such awesome birds during your lunch. The red patches and red eyes of the older birds are fascinating. The stork is great, too.

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