Blending in

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I couldn’t see them at first but could hear them screaming from across the lake. As I got closer I could see movement in the trees and in the grass below. You can usually find wild monk parakeets at Crescent Lake park near downtown St. Petersburg if you listen for them. They are really loud. I sat under the tree for a few minutes and watched them. They were eating bugs in the grass and flirting in the trees. This was in late June so they must have still been nesting. They nest high up in the water tower near the lake.

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16 thoughts on “Blending in

  1. Great photos of the parrots – green amongst green would be hard to see. We don’t ;have that kind of parrot out here in Australia where I live but all parrots are heard before they are seen!

  2. Hi there – great looking parrots. And nice pictures.

    Feel free to link this post to Wild Bird Wednesday – which will open in about 6 hours!

    Cheers – Stewart M – Melbourne

  3. These are so adorable! I have the same problem trying to spot the ones that take the beach palm trees during sunset. You can hear their loud chatter but it is not that easy to see them.

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