Babies are getting big


Another trip to Fort Desoto to see how big the baby owls had gotten.


They were getting big. The sun wasn’t in my favor this morning. The owls were facing the other way.


They were awake but didn’t move too much. They were facing in the direction of Mom, who was in a tree across the trail.


They were half sleeping and would look around every once in while. There’s a lot of bird traffic going on since the nest is between two osprey nest. Seagulls and pelicans were cruising by overhead.


Mom napping in a tree right on the trail.


“What’s all that clicking down there?”


Skywatch Friday

8 thoughts on “Babies are getting big

  1. It’s so nice to see an update on the baby owls. I was there early April, and really enjoyed seeing them. I couldn’t imagine being in a nest like that with NO shade. Since they don’t build there own nests it is too bad the parents couldn’t have chosen a different “model”. 🙂

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