Behind the Taco Bell and next to the wine store.


One of the “I get no respect” birds. Blue jays are pretty even though they are annoying.


That lunch looks yummy.


Female house sparrow getting a bite.


Keeping an eye on me.


The couple.


 I don’t see woodpeckers at feeders often. They like what ever is in this feeder.


Red bellied woodpeckers were everywhere.


And the usual titmouse.


I’m still figuring this one out.  I first thought it was a prairie warbler or a white eyed vireo. I was hoping it was the female summer tanager that had been spotted there recently but they don’t have the white underneath.  Any ideas?


I thought I was catching him in the act.

DSC_1930Later, I was told this was the squirrel feeder.

I didn’t want to give away the secret but these guys have done a great job. In a strip mall that backs up to some woods with a creek running through it, there’s a Wild Birds Unlimited store. They have deck out back and they have  put up bird feeders and nest boxes all around. They have built this great little oasis near one of the busiest intersections in town.They must have only been getting the most common birds at first.  Then someone spotted a summer tanager recently. The store owner told me people have been lining up to get pictures.  He couldn’t believe people were coming all the way from Orlando to see this bird. He was very friendly and we talked for a few minutes about the different birds he was seeing.  I hope all of this birding traffic has helped his business. I’ll be back to visit him (especially since there’s a great little cafe with amazing deserts a few doors down).

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14 thoughts on “Behind the Taco Bell and next to the wine store.

  1. I hope the store owner’s business has picked up with all the birders stopping by.. Wonderful variety of birds. Great photos.. Enjoy your week!

  2. I love the blue feathers on the rascally jay. My favorites are the woodpeckers, i rarely see them at my feeders. That’s a great idea to attract customers!

  3. What a joy to know about this little jewel of a place . Wildlife areas even parks that are in urban areas always seem like such little miracles and for this guy to make this behind a strip mall is even more wonderful. I’d visit his store and the dessert place too (as long as I was in the area anyway of course))

  4. It’s wonderful that the store is luring back birds to the area and there is such a wonderful variety too! I’ve always loved the Blue Jay and to this date I’ve never seen one except in photos.

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